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S::can Gmbh is a a global provider of industry leading water solutions encompassing flow measurement, quality and other system parameters, acquired s::can. The company´s product focus is the design and manufacture of a full range of innovative, simple, easy to use, digital sensors for on-line water quality measurement. s::can offers a complete set of accurate, reliable, low-maintenance and inexpensive measuring instruments for comprehensive and time–resolved water quality monitoring.


Customer-focused water quality monitoring solutions. From the latest in digital, smart water quality monitoring technology to potable, process and waste-water monitors and transmitters.


If possible, we always use optical methods, since they are just better, more reliable, simpler and more accurate. If no optical method is suitable, we choose the next best alternative.


We make nothing for laboratories, nothing that consumes reagents, nothing with moving parts. s::can is the only real „on-line“ company in the industry that offer an almost complete range.

Application examples of the s::can probes for industrial monitoring

Measuring stations

We specify, assemble and test equipment and infrastructure around our standard products according to the needs of our customers, from small pumping stations to fully floating or covered metering stations and networks. With employees in many countries around the world, we offer this service with the conviction of a global company.

Installation and operation of surveillance systems and networks

We deliver, install and operate water monitoring systems, measuring stations and entire measuring networks. Furthermore, we offer a central data management for our customers, with which data quality reports can be generated for managers and decision makers. In addition, we provide an end-to-end alert service for any anomalies and offer support for escalation and event management. All of these services can be provided with or without ownership of the equipment.

Smart Water Solutions

Online monitoring of drinking water networks

The prevention of risks, our drinking water networks are exposed to every day, is part of the focus of smart water solutions. Whether it is the risk from accidental discharges or the threat from intentional discharges, major cities rely on the real-time drinking water monitoring systems from s::can.

Our in::pipe monitoring equipment is easy to use and operate. It can be installed in only 30 minutes in any pipeline without interruption of service. The optical technology used provides the most accurate measurements and it is extremely reliable and stable over time.

Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for automated monitoring of large water distribution networks with a focus on water protection and security. As s::can products are very sensitive to detect any contamination in real-time, they are especially suitable for control systems and enable a quick response.

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