RS-900w Polymer Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

With a simple design, the RS-900w Polymer Ultrasonic flow sensor is well suited as a long-term replacement for mechanical impeller meters in cold water applications.

Size Range 25.4 mm, 38.1 mm, and 50.8 mm
Temperature Range 0…65 °C
Pressure Range 200 psi (13.7 bar)
Flow Range 0.26…200 gpm
Accuracy ± 2% of reading



Measuring very low flow rates, the RS-900w Polymer Ultrasonic Flow Sensor is well suited for mixed zone irrigation applications: drip, rotors and spray heads. The simple design makes the sensor installation straightforward and cost effective.


• Three sizes with NPT or BSP tapered threads
• Forward flow accuracy ± 2% of reading
• 200 psi (13.8 bar) pressure rating
• Submersible IP 68 with fully potted electronics
• No moving parts to wear
• NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 372 certified option
• Same two-wire power/pulse output as impeller flow sensors
• Forward and reverse flow flashing LED indicators


Managing water usage in irrigation requires reliable flow sensoring. The wider the flow range and more accurate the sensor, the easier
it is to detect leaks and respond quickly. As a critical part of water management, the RS-900w flow sensor reads consistently and does not degrade over time due to wear and tear.
• Commercial turf irrigation
• Golf course irrigation
• Agricultural irrigation
• Irrigation pump stations


• Measure a wide flow range accurately and cost effectively
• Easy to install single-piece threaded body
• Low maintenance—robust, no moving parts
• Compatible with irrigation controllers, including the FC-5000 flow display from Badger Meter
• No straight-run requirements