InteliBifuel DENOX

InteliBifuel Denox is used for monitoring bi-fuel operations and as a protection for the engine.

InteliBifuel Denox is designed to work together with all ComAp InteliBifuel controllers as a part of the InteliBifuel set, InteliBifuel Lite 100 set, InteliBifuel Lite 500 set, InteliBifuel Mobile set. It has an algorithm that continuously monitors the knocking, misfiring, and temperatures of the engine cylinders. Based on measured data it supports the InteliBifuel controllers with precise control of the system and ensures that proper detonation is always maintained during bi-fuel operations.
Please note that this product does not work individually, only in combination with an InteliBifuel controller as a complete bi-fuel solution.


Smart control of bi-fuel solution at both stationary and variable speed applications. The InteliBifuel Denox is part of our complete bi-fuel solution and has full communication and interface to ComAp’s InteliBifuel, InteliBifuel Mobile, and InteliBifuel Lite controllers.

The InteliBifuel Denox offers:

  • Monitoring and protection of engines running in dual fuel mode
  • Precise control of the dual fuel operation through specific engine tuning during the commission
  • Robust design that meets the IP-69K certifications and ensures fit to any application
  • Communication and direct CAN interface to InteliBifuel Lite, InteliBifuel, and InteliBifuel Mobile
  • Communication with the engine management system via CAN using J1939 or another communication protocol
  • Technical support for your application
  • Dimensions: 257,6 x 242 x 78,5 mm (10,14 x 9,53 x 3,09 in)

Key features

  • Monitoring of up to 20 cylinders
  • Individual cylinder misfiring detection
  • Suitable for stationary and variable speed applications
  • Integrated 2x AIN8TC for up to 16 Thermocouples
  • Individual cylinder-knocking detection
  • Robust design