Electromagnetic Flowmeter HygienicMaster FEH630

Designed to meet the highest levels of demands for enhanced metering in the Food & Beverage industry, HygienicMaster FEH630 delivers more than reliable and accurate measuring values. This innovative next-generation of electromagnetic flowmeters provides a modular transmitter design combined with SmartSensor technology and built-in verification – technical advances that deliver a clear business and performance benefit. The sensor design ensures optimum protection from breathing and condensation. Exchangeable process connections for maximum flexibility, simplified installation, and reduce inventory. The sensor is CIP/SIP cleanable, FDA-approved, and certified in accordance with 3A. Ethernet IP communication increases operational performance and delivers more real-time data for better decision-making. HygienicMaster FEH630 is one of the most cost-saving flowmeters on the market and is ideally suited for all hygienic applications.



HygienicMaster FEH630 – The first choice for all hygienic applications.
Advanced features and functionality that enable you to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitably.

  • Real-time diagnostic keep your process up and running
    – Detecting critical process conditions at an early stage reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance
    – Clear text messages simplify troubleshooting
  • In-built noise/grounding check
    – Verify the installation is correct from day one
    – Checks for proper grounding which is fundamental to an accurate flow measurement
  • In-built verification for highest confidence in your flow measurement
    – Checking for sensor and transmitter Integrity
    – No need to remove the flowmeter from the process
  • Simplicity of operation
    – Automatic self-configuration sequence
    – Incredibly easy to work with
  • Ethernet IP communication
    – For remote access to built-in diagnostic monitoring the flowmeter and your process
    – Flowmeter verification and configuration over Ethernet minimizing commissioning time
    – Built-in webserver, no additional software required for flowmeter configuration


General specifications:

  • Measuring value error
    – 0.4 % of rate, Option for 0.3% or 0,2%
  • Nominal diameter
    – DN 1 to 100 (1/25 to 4 in.)
  • Process connection
    – Weld stubs, threaded pipe connections, Tri-clamps, wafer-type, flanges, external threads, flanges in accordance with DIN/EN, ASME, JIS
  • Nominal pressure
    – PN 10 to 40, ASME CL 150, 300
  • Lining
    – PFA vacuum stable
  • IP rating
    – IP67 or IP68
  • Fluid temperature
    – Up to 180 °C (356 °F)
  • Communication
    – HART
    – PROFIBUS DP, Profibus PA
    – Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
    – Ethernet IP, Profinet
  • Webserver
  • Process diagnostics
    – Empty pipe, gas bubbles, electrode impedance, conductivity, sensor temperature
  • Certificates
    – 3A, FDA approved materials

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