HR-E® LCD 4-20

The High Resolution LCD 4-20 Encoder is field programmable, permanently sealed and fully electronic with an industry standard ASCII encoder output and an antelope 4-20 mA DC output signal through a dual output wire design.

Temperature Range -40 to 140 °F
Electronic Resolution 9-digit resolution for AMR/AMI solutions
Signal Type 3-wire synchronous for AMR/AMI solutions
Encoder Display Status indicators, unit of measure, billing units, automatic toggle between 9-digit and 6-digit consumption



The High Resolution Remote Electronic Display (HR-RED) is designed to provide remote visual readings when connected directly to Badger Meter high resolution products: HR-E®, HR-E LCD, HR-E LCD 4-20 encoders, or E-Series® Ultrasonic meters. The HR-RED is used to read compatible encoder products that are not easily accessible or are in difficult to read locations. Installations such as those inside houses or buildings, meter vaults, or dangerous industrial locations are ideal for the HR-RED.


The HR-RED is a battery operated device. When attached to Badger Meter high resolution encoders or high resolution E-Series Ultrasonic meters, the unit is designed to provide the same output resolution as the encoder, up to 9 digits for Badger Meter products. It also displays the encoder serial number.


• Environmentally sealed
• Tamper indicators
• Designed for use with any Badger Meter high resolution encoder or E-Series Ultrasonic meter
• Torx seal screw security
• Acoustic “TAP” switch for viewing
• 10 year calculated battery life


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