Water Monitoring

ATi offers a diverse range of pioneering, industry-leading water quality monitoring solutions, from the latest in digital, Smart Water quality monitoring technology to potable, process and wastewater monitors and transmitters.

About Water Monitoring

ATi are trusted globally to safeguard water quality, delivering monitoring solutions for over 20 different parameters; from the more fundamental parameters of chlorine, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, through to more bespoke measurements of nitrite, UV254, sulfites and peracetic acid. ATI’s reagent-free range also includes solutions for sludge blanket and filter backwash monitoring.

ATI’s new and innovative monitoring solutions, to ensure the guardianship and protection of water. ATi are now the only company able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, helping customers with the problems that matter most: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and return on investment (ROI).

ATI’s flexible solutions provide no-compromise water quality monitoring in distribution networks, service reservoirs, pipes, valves, meter chambers, hydrants, HVAC, healthcare, leisure, food and beverage, along with many more applications.

Interchangeable sensors are used throughout our Q-Series and Smart Water monitoring ranges, offering customers simplicity, range, low-risk and sustainable water quality.

As global leaders in smart water quality monitoring, ATi developed the industry’s first, ground-breaking range of smart water quality monitors, including MetriNet, SeptiNet, NephNet, ChlorNet and SiteBox.

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A selection of our Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

SeptiNet, smart wastewater monitoring for sewer networks.

SeptiNet is ATi’s latest innovation, offering the ultimate smart septicity monitor. Using smart sensor technology, combined with data intelligence, this pioneering solution allows wastewater utilities to continuously monitor both liquid (ORP) and gas (H2S) in one combined solution anywhere in the sewer network. SeptiNet offers customers an end-to-end approach to managing wastewater assets in hazardous environments.

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