FilterSmart Gravity Filter Backwash Monitor

FilterSmart allows water managers to ‘see’ into backwash processes with media level and turbidity measurements in one sensor.


  • See how to optimize backwashes
  • Ensure proper media expansion
  • Eliminate media loss due to over-expansion
  • Easily adjust flow rates for seasonal water temperature changes
  • Determine proper air scour duration and flow rate
  • See how to save money and water
  • Easily determine when to terminate the wash by establishing the proper turbidity endpoint
  • Reduce wash water volumes and backwash duration
  • Help lengthen filter run times
  • Shorten filter ripening time
  • Easily implement ETSW
  • See hidden problems
  • Eliminate mud ball formation
  • Show the presence of leaking, fluttering, or stuck valves and rate-of-flow controllers
  • Indicate when pumps aren’t performing correctly
  • Help determine the root cause of unexplained events during failures


Gravity filter backwash monitor

ATi’s FilterSmart Backwash Monitor is revolutionizing the way water professionals manage their gravity filters.

Until now, operators have relied on two surrogate measurements to manage the backwash process: flow rate and time. FilterSmart directly measures the parameters of specific interest – media expansion and turbidity. These two trends together present a clear picture of what’s going on during the backwash, allowing operators to ‘see’ into the process like never before. FilterSmart simplifies filter optimization because its 24/7 monitoring takes the place of countless manual hours of data collection.

The FilterSmart sensor is located at the top of a gravity filter just below the top of the wash trough. During a backwash, the ultrasonic sensor tracks the level of the media and the turbidity sensor measures how clean or dirty the wash water is as it flows into the wash trough. These two measurements produce trends that together provide an extremely accurate profile of the backwash and become a powerful tool for optimizing filter performance. Equipped with this insight, operators can virtually eliminate media loss and mud-ball formation, in most cases reduce water usage, and improve overall filter health and efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Directly measures media expansion and turbidity
  • Eliminates media loss and mud-ball formation
  • Better long-term filter health and efficiency
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Simplifies filter optimisation


  • Drinking water treatment filters
  • Wastewater treatment filters
  • Tertiary filters in wastewater treatment


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