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Founded in the year 2000, Aaxis Nano is an ISO 9001:2015, TUV NORD certified organization that specializes in providing best-in-class turnkey solutions for flow monitoring, automation & instrumentation, environment & emission monitoring and real-time data acquisition & management. With sustainable innovation & a strong commitment to customers as our core values, we collaborate with industries, manufacturers as well as local and government emission monitoring institutions to optimize operations for increased efficiency at reduced costs. We have a strong pan-India presence with offices in all major Indian cities. With diversity and inclusion as our guiding force, we bring to the table new perspectives and ingenious innovations, thus driving exceptional results and higher profits for our clients. Ours is a dynamic, driven and dedicated workforce with a blend of automation engineers, creative designers, quality assurance professionals and IT consultants who work together to build customized solutions for all your digital needs.

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Aaxis Nano began it's services at a time when there was a growing demand for training and technology equipped specialized teams to help industries go from idea conception to implementation. Our growth can be attributed to our unwavering vision and utilization of futuristic ideas, tools & technologies to offer the best industrial automation solutions with exceptional process control and system integration services. This enables our clients to boost their operational efficiency & performance and achieve safety & compliance objectives. we identify trends, leverage opportunities and keep you ahead of the curve with extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in consulting, designing, development, integration, deployment and troubleshooting.

Real-time monitoring and reporting help reduce downtime for maximized system availability and smooth running of operations. It also facilitates better governance by enhancing upper-level supervision of crucial functions and processes.

To cultivate a culture of continuous growth through in-depth research and innovative engineering while being sensitive to environment and society.

By continuing our efforts to upgrade skills and competency, we aspire to develop profitable solutions using the best tools and technologies.

To set a benchmark in the field of Environment Management and Automation, create value for our customers and be recognized for our sustainable solutions.

With innovation, integrity and environmental awareness as our fundamental values, we wish to make our planet cleaner, healthier and safer for current and future generations.

Aaxis is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction in the market. To support and achieve this goal, we have implemented a quality policy that is systematically applied to all its systems.

Strong attention to detail and a focused approach help develop a partnership with our clients.

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Why Choose Us


We inspire trust by doing what’s best for the business and delivering what we promise


We deliver quality and value of highest standards across products, services and support


We transform unconventional ideas into reality and constantly strive to exceed expectations


We focus on inclusive collaboration to bring our customers the best of passion and expertise


We design sustainable solutions that drive revenue & growth while protecting the environment

20+ years exp

We have 20 years+ experience in industry automation and environmental monitoring solutions.

Quality Policy

Aaxis Nano is committed to providing cutting edge services and solutions to our existing and growing customer base without compromising on quality and customer service. We harness advanced technology and in-depth research across all our processes to design and deliver turnkey solutions that adhere to international quality standards and satisfy client and regulatory requirements.

  • Manufacturing equipments that meet global standards in performance and safety to give our clients a competitive edge in the market
  • Developing state-of-the-art facilities for research, designing, manufacturing and quality testing for defect-free deliveries
  • Adopting best practices across processes and functions to make quality an integral part of product development
  • Encouraging skill and competency building within the organization for increased domain and technical expertise
  • Comparing existing product performance with global standards to keep pace with innovations around the world and thus enhance delivery capabilities
  • Periodically reviewing performance data and quality objectives to bring improvements in technological and functional processes
  • Sharing quality metrics with all stakeholders and incorporating customer feedback in the quality management processes

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