About us

Aaxis Nano is a technology-driven company founded in the year 2000 that specializes in providing turnkey solutions in various areas such as Environmental monitoring, industrial automation & process control, real-time data acquisition & management, system integration services & comprehensive solutions to help industries achieve their automation and efficiency goals. The company’s commitment to sustainable innovation and customer satisfaction serves as the foundation for its operations.

Aaxis Nano collaborates with various industries, manufacturers, and local and government emission monitoring institutions to optimize their operations, aiming to achieve increased efficiency while reducing costs. Our strong pan-India presence, with offices in major cities, allows us to serve clients across the country.
The company prides itself on embracing diversity and inclusion as guiding principles, which helps us bring new perspectives and ingenious innovations to the table. This approach is instrumental in driving exceptional results and higher profits for our clients.

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Our workforce can be described as dynamic, driven, and dedicated, comprising a mix of automation engineers, creative designers, quality assurance professionals, and IT consultants. Together, we work collaboratively to build customized solutions for our client’s digital needs.

We focus on helping industries from the initial idea conception phase to the final implementation of technologies. Our approach involves utilizing futuristic ideas, tools, and technologies to offer the best possible solutions to our clients. This helps in improving operational efficiency, and performance while achieving safety and compliance objectives.

One of our key strengths is our ability to identify trends, leverage opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve due to our extensive experience and expertise in consulting, designing, development, integration, deployment, and troubleshooting.

We also emphasize the importance of real-time monitoring and reporting, which helps in reducing downtime and maximizing system availability. This contributes to the smooth running of operations and enhances upper-level supervision of crucial functions and processes, leading to better governance within the industries they serve.

Company Culture

Progressive corporate culture is the backbone of a content workforce and helps create an environment that fosters trust and loyalty. Of all the ingredients that make up a nurturing, collaborative, and positive organizational culture, the most important ones for us are

  • Two-way Communication & Transparency
  • Respect, Fairness & Teamwork
  • Timely Employee Recognition & Appreciation
  • Involvement & Empowerment
  • Innovation, Inspiration & Excellence

Our reputation as an equal-opportunity employer has not only helped us hire and retain the best talent but also enabled us to achieve amazing results by letting our employees explore the full potential of their capabilities in a challenging and cooperative setting. We believe in leading by example and inspiring our workforce to engage in an open, continual flow of ideas, thus enhancing morale and performance.

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Why Choose Us


We inspire trust by doing what’s best for the business and delivering what we promise


We deliver quality and value of the highest standards across products, services, and support


We transform unconventional ideas into reality and constantly strive to exceed expectations


We focus on inclusive collaboration to bring our customers the best of passion and expertise


We design sustainable solutions that drive revenue & growth while protecting the environment

20+ years exp

We have 20 years+ experience in industry automation and environmental monitoring solutions.

Our Mission

To cultivate a culture of continuous growth through in-depth research and innovative engineering while being sensitive to the environment and society. By continuing our efforts to upgrade skills and competency, we aspire to develop profitable solutions using the best tools and technologies.

Our Vision

To set a benchmark in the field of Environment Management and Automation, create value for our customers, and be recognized for our sustainable solutions. With innovation, integrity, and environmental awareness as our fundamental values, we wish to make our planet cleaner, healthier, and safer for current and future generations.

Our Strategies

Aaxis is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction in the market. To support and achieve this goal, we have implemented a quality policy that is systematically applied to all its systems. Strong attention to detail and a focused approach help develop a partnership with our clients.

Quality Policy

Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt. Ltd is committed to perform as a market leader and brand name in field of water and air quality Monitoring system and in the field of Instrumentation, Electrical & Automation through customer satisfaction, enforcing and continually improving its Quality Management Systems and also keeping in consideration the context of organization.

  • The policy is always focused towards customer satisfaction.
  • Continually improve performance by setting and reviewing quality objectives.
  • The policy is reviewed periodically and communicated to all personnel including relevant interested parties based on demand.
  • Sharing quality metrics with all stakeholders and incorporating customer
  • Committed to Compliance with all applicable requirements.
  • Committed to a sustainable environment and safe workplace development.
  • Continually improving performance by tracking global Innovation & technology to develop our business portfolio.
  • Developing state-of-the-art facilities for research, designing, manufacturing and quality testing for defect-free deliveries

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