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About Telepro

We have a fully-equipped high-tech technology and R&D centre for real-time data acquition system.

The data will be collected from the modem and data logger connected to the site. The data file in CSV format is transmitted to the AWS Cloud server via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from the data logger connected at the physical site. Once data is received at the Application Server, it is first parsed for correctness and validness of the data as per the station configuration information. The data received from FTP files is processed and pushed to the AWS IoT Hub from where the data is streamed. The data is finally stored in AWS Cloud Storage and further displayed to PCBs and industries through a secured access on TelePro.

Our Solutions

1. Real-time Monitoring

Secure data transmission within 1/4th of a second with no intermediary PC dependency

2. Accurate Timestamps

NTP and GSM Network enabled time accuracy and synchronization across all network devices

3. Secure Two-Way Communication

Data transmission over persistence TCP connections for improved security

4. Data Logging

Secure data collection and storage capabilities for each industry client in the event

5. Multi-Tenancy & User Access

Efficient data access management according to hierarchy, roles and permissions

6. Delayed Data Flags

Precise flagging of all data points transmitted after an hour of delay or more

7. Audit Logs

Consistent maintenance of audit logs for security, compliance and tracing calibration

8. Data Management

Robust algorithms for data verification, validation and statistical analysis like max, min

9. Data Storage

Secure storage of 5 years’ data using cloud and Big Data to facilitate easy access, backup

10. Data Organization

Coherent and comprehensive dashboard to analyse, generate and export all statutory reports

11. Reporting

Automated generation and forwarding of downloadable reports within user specified time intervals

12. Workflow Management

Hierarchical workflows for seamless management of change requests for data correction & maintenance

13. Location Mapping

Prompt display of industry sites in need of action on geographical map using appropriate colour codes

14. Video Streaming

Real-time, secure streaming of video feed with 7 day data storage capabilities for easy backup

15. Real-time Alerts

Real-time generation and transmission of client specific template based alerts on your email/SMS


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