Q46D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

ATi’s Q46D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor is designed to provide accurate, reliable oxygen measurement and help reduce operating costs.

Key benefits

  • Q-Blast AutoClean
  • Optical and galvanic options
  • All digital communications

Features & specification

  • Optical or galvanic membraned sensor options
  • Auto-Clean ‘Air Blast’ sensor cleaning system available
  • Automatic calibration check
  • AC or DC Power Options
  • 3 Analog Output Option
  • PID Output
  • Profibus-DP, Modus-RTU or Ethernet-IP Digital Communications Available
  • 6 Relay contact options
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Large, back-lit LCD display


  • Biological processes in wastewater treatment plants
  • Better results with fine bubble aeration, coarse bubble aeration, surface aeration or brush aerators
  • Ideal for control applications where reliable performance is required 365 days a year


Improve performance & reduce maintenance costs

Dissolved Oxygen water quality monitoring is critical for aeration system process control. Optimization of the biological process, whether it’s removal of organic material, nitrification, or nitrification/denitrification, depends on maintaining proper D.O. levels. Controlling air flow to within the optimal range eliminates excess aeration, which translates into significant energy savings.

ATi’s Q46D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor is designed to provide reliable oxygen measurement and help reduce operating costs. Two types of sensing technologies are available for use with the Q46D system: Membraned Electrochemical and Optical (fluorescence). Both sensors will provide reliable long-term performance with minimal maintenance. No hardware modifications are required to change from one sensor type to the other. The monitor can be configured for AC or DC power supplies, and a portable battery-powered unit is available to meet a variety of monitoring needs. When process conditions require frequent sensor cleaning, our unique Q-Blast Auto-Cleaner can be used to keep the system operating nearly maintenance free. This time-proven system has been instrumental in providing years of worry free operation.

Q-Blast AutoClean
                     Q-Blast AutoClean
optical sensor

                            Optical sensor

Membrane sensor

                           Membrane sensor