EchoSmart Sludge Blanket Monitor

ATi’s EchoSmart Interface Level Monitor provides an advanced yet user friendly solution for Sludge Blanket level detection, offering cost effective, trouble-free and reliable measurement.

Continuous, real-time sludge blanket level measurement

EchoSmart is an underwater interface level analyser technology that is built on a digital platform. This allows the analyser to be located in the sensor. The result is greater flexibility in equipment configuration options, enhanced communication capabilities and reduced installation costs. EchoSmart’s unique Smart-Sensor technology enables the control and monitoring of up to 16 Smart Sensors from one EchoSmart Controller. This allows for field networks of sensors, which lowers the ‘per-tank’ cost. These field networks can also be created wirelessly, eliminating costly conduit and cabling runs.

EchoSmart sensors employ interface-detection algorithms developed exclusively by ATi with proven performance across the UK, USA and around the world.

EchoSmart is adaptable and can be programmed to suit various tank sizes and designs. Three sensor models provide a solution for most applications: the standard sensor with multi-flex assembly for when surface skimmers are present, the self-cleaning sensor for applications without surface skimmers, and the sensor with turbidity that offers further insight into water clarity.


Features & specifications

  • Sensors generate and process the ultrasonic signal for continuous, real-time measurement and maximum flexibility.
  • Easy to set-up, easy to operate and easy to secure consistent, reliable, trouble-free measurements
  • Tracks well-settled blankets
  • Can be configured to track dispersed solids (fluff or rag layer)
  • Suitable for round or rectangular clarifiers
  • Standard sensor for applications with surface skimmers. Multi-flex assembly recommended.
  • Wiper sensor: self-cleaning face for applications without surface skimmers.
  • Level & Turbidity sensor: self-cleaning face with sludge level and turbidity in one sensor


  • Waste water

Key benefits

  • Monitors blanket levels 24/7/365
  • Large display with intuitive screens for quick entry of parameters
  • Soft Key operation with Help Prompts for all settings
  • Automatic initialisation for easy start-up
  • Adaptive algorithms in each sensor for uninterrupted operation
  • Installation and networked flexibility
  • Turbidity measurement option


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calibrate the EchoSmart sensors?

The sensors require no calibration.  The sensor’s ultrasonic design is already customized for the application and therefore requires no calibration.

Is it possible to utilise the wireless field network and get the measurement at our control system via 4-20mA outputs?

Yes.  A digital to analog (Modbus to 4-20mA) sixteen channel converter is available for purchase.  This device utilizes the Controller’s ability to wirelessly retrieve data from each sensor and then converts those values to individual and configurable 4-20mA outputs

What outputs are available on the EchoSmart system?

Current measurements can be obtained via Modbus RTU from the Controller or via 4-20mA outputs from each sensor connection.

Is it possible to see both the blanket level and the dispersed solids above the blanket?

When the sludge is well-settled, yes.  The displayed measurement will be the sludge level and the dispersed solids can be visually observed on the Tank View screen and is additionally available for output via Modbus or a 4-20mA output.

How often do the EchoSmart sensors need to be cleaned?

It is recommended that the sensors be inspected frequently the first 3 to 6 months to establish the necessary cleaning regimen for the specific application.  Ensuring the measurement surface of the sensor remains clear of any buildup (and that the wiper arm is allowed to rotate freely, when applicable) will allow for uninterrupted performance.

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