Two ways to reduce non-revenue water loss. One simple system.

Combined acoustic and pressure monitoring delivering both accurate leak detection alongside network calming for leakage reduction.

Detect, Locate, Prevent

By combining acoustic leak data with high resolution network pressure, PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic can not only accurately detect, locate, and alarm on both existing and emergent leaks, but can also utilise our innovative network calming and transient analysis tools to calm your network, mitigating and reducing future leakage effectively and quickly.


Operating Temperatures-20°C to +65°C (expansion of freezing water below 0°C will damage sensor)
Network / SIM4G/3G/2G integrated SIM card
Pressure SensorExternal, 0-20 bar absolute range, 128S/s, ±0.25% accuracy
Connection1½” BSP parallel thread connection, adaptors available
(common adaptor sizes: 1½” BSP parallel / 1½” BSP taper / 2½” BSP parallel)
MaterialsAcetal housing, 316L stainless steel sensor head, IP68 rated
Antenna4G SMA connection, GPS SMA connection
(various external celluar and GPS antennas available)
Battery / PowerChoice of rechargeable / single use batteries
(mains power / solar adaptors available)
GPS / ClockRegular GPS time & location synchronisation
(continued GPS signal required for acoustic collections)
CertificationsEN, CE, FCC