Inserts for V2 spectrometer probes, stainless steel, sapphire window

  • For adaption or repair of the optical path length of s::can spectrometer probes
  • Stainless steel (ISO 1.4404), suitable for 35/5/2/1/0,5 mm OPL
  • Incl. sealings, saphire measurement windows and service tools
  • Expert service by s::can Salespartner required; for permanent application!

Part Numbers

  • A-500-s (for optical pathlength 0.5 mm)
  • A-001-s (for optical pathlength 1 mm)
  • A-002-s (for optical pathlength 2 mm)
  • A-005-s (for optical pathlength 5 mm)
  • A-015-s (for optical pathlength 15 mm)