InteliBifuel MOBILE

  • Fully programmable controller designed for
    any mobile variable speed applications
  • USB and RS485 communication line
    with Modbus
  • J1939 and Modbus ECU
    communication support
  • Running-hours meter, fuels
    consumption indication
  • 9 Binary inputs for contacts
    switching to battery
  • 8 Binary switches configurable as:
    Hi/Low-side or PWM
  • 4 Analog inputs configurable for industry
    standard sensors
  • 6 configurable analog inputs/outputs
    for standards industrial sensor, include
  • 4 Frequency inputs for RPM measurement
    (one is configured as impulse input)
  • 2 Impulse inputs for rotary flow meters or
    other cumulative measuring
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C