AO2000 System for emission monitoring

The AO2000 System is a turn-key system including everything from probe, heated lines, and sample conditioning to reliable and time-tested analyzers of the Advance Optima AO2000 series. It can be operated from the outside

  • Reliable and cost-efficient cold/dry extractive measurement technology
  • Using proven Advance Optima AO2000 series analyzers
  • Best available technology using IR, UV, FID, paramagnetic, and electrochemical sensors
  • Dynamic QR Codes for easy transfer of all relevant diagnostic information for faster troubleshooting and repair
  • Complete product and application support


AO2000 System is a complete system solution for continuous gas analysis

The system is available in various variants tailored to your measuring tasks – emission monitoring, cement applications and process gas measurements.
It is specially designed for easy service and maintenance.

The unique features of the AO2000 System:

  • The compact, completely designed system
  • Up to 6 measuring components
  • Sophisticated internal function control
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Comprehensive digital communication
  • Global remote maintenance and control with Analyze IT Explorer
  • Emission certificates available


Gas sampling

  • Probe tube types 40, 40W, 42 or probe 2
  • Filter unit PFE2 or PFE3 with optional filter/probe back-purging facility
  • Heated or unheated sample gas lines
  • The analyzer system is also available
  • Prepared for integration of sampling probe, filter unit and
    sample gas line or
  • Without sampling probe, filter unit, and sample gas line.

Sample conditioning

  • Sample gas feed unit SCC-F
  • Sample gas cooler SCC-C
  • Condensate drainage
  • NO2/NO converter SCC-K

Gas analysis

AO2000 series analyzer modules, installed in a wall-mount housing:

  • Uras26 infrared analyzer
  • Limas21 UV process photometer
  • Magnos206 oxygen analyzer
  • Magnos28 oxygen analyzer
  • Magnos27 oxygen analyzer
  • Electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • Fidas24 flame ionization detector

Display and control

Display and control unit and electronics module in the door of the analyzer cabinet or of the separate electrical distribution

Data transmission

Modbus interface for transmission of measured values and status signals as well as analog input, digital input, and digital output signals


The analyzers of the AO2000 System are able to measure up to six sample components simultaneously. The following standardized variants are available:

Emission Monitoring
according 2001/80/EG and 2000/76/EG QAL3 monitoring software tool included!
CO, NO, SO2, NOx, N2O, NO2, O2
Process Gas Measurement
The spectrum of these applications can be extremly wide and highly complex in the various industrial sectors.
CO, CO2, NO, NOx, N2O, SO2, CH4, VOC, O2
A great variety of sample gas compositions and difficult marginal conditions such as high or changing pressures and temperatures make exacting demands on the measuring technology. The AO2000 System can be optimally engineered for these measuring tasks in close collaboration with our customers.
Typical areas of application:
  • Industrial gas production
  • Chemical plants, e. g. nitric acid
  • Iron and steel production
  • Steam generators
  • Blast furnace gas analysis
  • Power stations
  • Paper production
  • Sugar production
Cement Applications
Calciner Gas Exit T<900°C

CO, CO2, NO, NOx, CH4, SO2, O2

Wet Kiln Exit T<300°C

CO, CO2, NO, SO2, O2

ESP Preheater T90 <10s

CO, NO, SO2, O2

Coal Bin, Coal Mill
CO, O2