Field Verification Device

Designed for use with the ModMAG® M2000 and M5000 meters, this handheld device allows you to perform a series of field verification and analytical performance tests on site, in less than 20 minutes.

Dimensions 210 × 102 × 39 mm
Weight 450 g
Display Backlit LCD | Resolution = 240 × 128 pixel, visible area 38 × 72 mm
Battery Rechargeable internal Li-pol accumulator with a charging time of four hours (USB or AC-wall) or two hours (automobile utility adapter)



The Field Verification Device is a portable test device for the Badger Meter electromagnetic flow meters. The M1000, M2000 and M5000 meters can be tested using this device.

With the Field Verification Device, accurate verification of meter functionality is assured without taking the meter out of the pipeline and interrupting the process. The complete verification test takes approximately 20 minutes and results can be downloaded to a Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista®or XP personal computer.


• Determines if the meter amplifier is within one percent of the original factory calibration.
• Verifies the functionality of all the meter’s inputs and outputs.
• Measures electrode resistance and integrity.
• Measures coil resistance and integrity.
• Measures coil insulation resistance.
• Measures current and frequency output.
• Evaluates the signal processing functionality.
• Provides pass/fail results to aid in troubleshooting.


• Test cable for M1000, M2000 and M5000 connection
• AC charger with EU/US connection adaptors
• Automobile utility DC power supply connector
• PC to Field Verification Device communication cables
• Rugged case for transport


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