Density measurement of liquid de-icing agents NaCl, CaCl and MgCl in water during brine production

Liquid de-icing agents are considered to be the ideal solution to cope with icy roads for a long time. The density meter DP-10 was specially developed for the requirements of winter road services when it comes to mixing the brine. Further fields of application are brine stations and salt mixing stations.

Other than the conventional, manual density measurement using a spindle, it‘s the DP-10‘s advantage that – via a bypass – the measurement can be done in process conditions and therefore in real-time.


Choose the suitable measuring device according to your individual needs: The standard version with analogue output for further data processing, an enhanced version with internal LEDdisplay (DP-10/A) or the system solution with integrated mixing controller and LED-display (DP-10/MR)

Features and Advantages

  • Real-time measurement
  • The device facilitates automated mixing processes
  • A different, suitable system for all requirements
  • Robust construction for applications in demanding environmental conditions
  • Easy installation and operation