vali::tool automatically detects, marks and (optionally) corrects untrustworthy data, it detects outliers, and noise, and checks for discontinuous data. It ensures that only high-quality data are fed into the event detection module. It also provides the user with indications on sensor maintenance requirements, as well as automatic detection of malfunctions.

  • Provides self-adaptive, self-controlled data validation in real time
  • Ensures both sensitive and reliable alarm limits respectively setpoints for process control
  • Analyzes noise, outliers, and other combinations in real time to reliably detect any malfunction at an early stage
  • Considers user interventions in real-time
  • Application-specific training period considers normal fluctuations of individual water matrix and typical process dynamics
  • Helps to dramatically reduce false alarm rates
  • Configurable auto-correction of data based on a threshold, outlier, and noise analysis