Aqua TROLL 700 Multiparameter Sonde

The Aqua TROLL 700 uses the latest sensor and electronics technology to provide laboratory-quality measurements for field use. Parameters include water level, pH, dissolved oxygen, and more. The Aqua TROLL 700 is designed for applications that require parameters from up to 6 sensors with a single instrument. An optional water level/pressure sensor and a barometric pressure sensor are integrated into the sonde. Additional sensors may be selected and replaced to suit your project’s needs. An optional
motorized sensor wiper may also be included on the instrument.

Use the Aqua TROLL 700 for long-term monitoring in freshwater and marine environments. It’s also ideal for the following applications:

• Coastal monitoring
• Surface water monitoring
• Environmental monitoring
• Regulatory compliance
• Aquaculture
• Remediation
• Stormwater monitoring
• Profiling