Type CBX Cold Box Extension Valve


The U.S. Type CBX control valve is designed specifically for cryogenic cold box applications. The unique design allows ready
access to the seat ring after the body has been sealed in the cold box. A special seat extraction tool simplifies trim-changing operations. Although the standard body extension is 14 in. (355 mm), lengths up to 60 in. (1524 mm) are available on special order.
The use of a standard threaded bonnet allows the user a choice of bonnet styles, from TFE chevron ring packing to bellows seals. An
optional casing flange or weldable sleeve facilitates field mounting.


The valve is especially suited to modulating control of liquids and vapors in the cryogenic temperature range of –450° F (–267° C). Although designed for cold service, the unit can also be used at elevated temperatures, such as sealed ovens.




  • Replaceable inner valve
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Wide range of inner valves and characteristics
  • Guided inner valve
  • Class IV seat leakage


  • Casing flange
  • Weldable mounting sleeve
  • Stellite inner valve material
  • Soft seated inner valves
  • Bellows bonnet
  • Wide variety of end fittings: standard NPT or socket weld, butt
    weld nipples or flanges