QuikSert® In-Line Turbine Flowmeter

The QuikSert in-line turbine flow meter was developed for liquid applications where accuracy and dependability are needed. QuikSert’s stainless steel body incorporates a helical turbine with a tungsten carbide shaft and bearing. It provides an efficient, long service life and a cost-effective solution for your measurement requirements.

Simple in design and construction, QuikSert uses modified upstream and downstream flow straighteners for a high degree of flow accuracy. Its between-the-flange design eliminates the need for mating flanges, requiring less space in the flow line, lowering costs for easy, one-man installation.

The meter produces a sine-wave signal proportional to its volumetric flow rate. With optional Blancett electronics, QuikSertprovides local flow rate and volume totalization and interfaces with most instruments, PLCs, and computers.


  • Accurate and repeatable flow measurement from 0.6…3 gpm (20…100 bpd) to 500…5000 gpm (17,000…171,000 bpd).
  • The unique between-the-flange design eliminates the need for mating flanges.
  • Superior materials of construction for high performance in aggressive environments.
  • Wafer-style mounting configurations for limited space requirements.
  • Modified flow straighteners for enhanced fluid dynamics.