Model 9100 Process Control Valve


The U.S. Model 9100 process control valve is a 2-way, high capacity globe available in 6 sizes, 1/2…2 in. (12.7…50.8 mm) with a B62
bronze body/bonnet. Comes with a field-reversible actuator and standard live-loaded TFE packing.


  • Meets MSS SP-80 and ANSI B16.24
  • Heavy duty high-capacity body
  • Standard Characteristic: Equal percent
  • Standard replaceable seat/inner valve
  • Standard ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • Standard live-loaded TFE packing
  • Heavy-duty post-guided inner valve
  • Stem welded into the inner valve guide
  • Precision CNC cut NPT body threads


  • Linear characteristic or Quick open on-off
  • Double packing, REK® fugitive emission packing
  • Alarm/Purge port with double packing
  • Stainless steel bonnet extensions for cryogenic service
  • Positioners, Limit switches, airsets, and others
  • Carbon steel “Lap-Joint Flange Kit,” for conversion to CL150
    flanges (meets ASME/ANSI face-to-face length)