Model 9000 Globe Style Control Valve


The U.S. Series 9000 control valve is an ANSI Class 300 globe-style valve with a bolted bonnet and post-guided inner valve. It is available in 1 in. (25 mm), 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) and 2 in. (50 mm) pipe size. The body, bonnet, and inner valve are standard in 316SST or optional Alloy C. The standard body, configured in the Flangeless/NPT version, can be installed using NPT fittings or clamped between
matching companion flanges. Each size valve is also available with conventional flanges in either the same nominal size as the valve
body or oversized flanges that can be adapted to smaller bodies. Each valve is available with several inner valve sizes, the largest
having an integral seat for maximum Cv. Reduced Cv inner valves fit a threaded body with replaceable seat rings. The unique packing/bonnet design provides high performance and quick easy maintenance when necessary. The Series 9000 control valve is also available with extended bonnets for hot or cold service. Optional double packing, in either PTFE or REK, for fugitive emission control is also available. The high-performance Model 9050 actuator, a multi-spring and diaphragm design, is field reversible from air-to-open to air-to-close without additional parts. The yoke and actuator housings are made of carbon steel and coated with epoxy for corrosion resistance. The standard material for external hardware is 300-series stainless steel. The 3…15 psi (0.2…1 bar) spring set is adjustable to 8…20 psi (0.5…1 bar) and the 6…30 psi (0.4…2 bar) spring set is adjustable to 16…40 psi (1…2 bar) to allow a wide range of shutoff capability.


The Series 9000 control valve is designed for modulating control of liquids and vapors in medium-duty industrial applications where performance, quality, and small physical size are important. The rugged design offers features and performance levels normally found in more expensive, larger valves. The unit is designed to handle fluids and environments found in chemical plants, pulp and paper and textile mills, refineries and many other demanding industries.




The Model 9050 actuator is available in either air-to-open/spring-to-close or air-to-close/spring-to-open and is field reversible. It comes with either 3 springs for a 3…15 psi (0.2…1 bar) signal range or 6 springs for a 6…30 psi (0.4…2 bar) signal range. Both ranges are adjustable to match bench loading with the requirements of the application.

Actuator Features

  • Designed to ANSI and ISA standards
  • Dual body mounting (NPT/Flangeless)
  • Wide range of innervalves
  • Linear, Equal Percent or On-Off
  • ANSI Class IV seat leak standard
  • Encapsulated body gasket
  • MoS2-filled nylon stem bushings
  • No brass or asbestos
  • Epoxy-coated steel parts
  • Adjustable spring loading
  • Replaceable seats (reduced Cv inner valves only)

Actuator Optional Features

  • Stellite inner valve
  • Teflon PFA soft seating
  • Class V or VI seat test
  • Graphite packing
  • Extended bonnets, to 18 in. (457 mm), for hot or
    cryogenic service.
  • Double stuffing box