TDS 6 – TDS Meter

A portable spectrophotometer that is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range. This spectrophotometer has over 80 pre-programmed tests included, and 25 user calibrations can be entered into the memory. The user can also customize sequences for frequently run tests.



  • A wider wavelength range
  • Menu-driven display
  • Pre-programmed tests with 25 user tests
  • Automatic wavelength selection
  • Unique optical design system using a 1200 lines/mm grating
  • Greater accuracy, higher resolution
  • The SMART® Spectro spectrophotometer is supplied with 6 sample tubes (25mm round), 2 sample cell holders (25mm round and COD, 10 mm cuvettes), AC adapter, battery charger, instruction manual including test procedures, and quick start guides.
Wavelength Range:350-1000 nm
Wavelength Accuracy:±2 nm
Wavelength Resolution:1 nm
Wavelength Bandwidth:5 nm (max)
Photometric Range:0-125%T, -0.1-2.5A
Photometric Accuracy:±0.005A
Photometric Stray Light:<0.5 %T
Light Source:Quartz halogen
Sample Chambers:25 mm round cell, 10 mm square cuvette UDV, COD
Optical Mount:Modified Ebert, 1200 grooves/mm ruled grating
Modes:Conc., %T, ABS
Power:110/220 volt or battery pack (rechargeable)
Weight:4.65 kgs (10.3 lbs)
Size:35 cm x 28 cm x 17 cm