High-Resolution LCD Encoders are straight-reading, permanently sealed, electronic LCD absolute encoders with a field-programmable option. They use industry-standard ASCII communication protocols to provide high-resolution encoded output.

Temperature Range -40…60 °C
Electronic Resolution 9-digit resolution for AMR/AMI solutions
Signal Type 3-wire synchronous for AMR/AMI solutions
Encoder Display Straight reading, permanently sealed, electronic LCD absolute encoder with field-programmable option



The High Resolution Pulse scaled register (HR-LCD Pulse) is a fully electronic, solid-state register with no moving parts. It is designed for use with all current Badger Meter® Recordall® Disc Series, Turbo Series and Compound Series meters. These solid-state units produce a scaled output.

Scaled Output

• The scaled output is a switch closure output defined as: green wire = positive, black wire = negative.
• The scaled digital output from the register has a default resolution of 1/10th of the register test circle (resolution may vary in some cases).
• The movement of the meter magnet is converted to a square wave signal that is available as a scaled output through a solid-state relay.
• The scaled output is a solid-state relay.
• The nominal pulse output width is programmable from 30…100 msec.
• Resolution of the output is defined in the registration section.
• This digital pulse output is compatible with most totalizers and batch controllers.

Field Programmable

The HR-LCD Pulse register comes standard as factory programmed, with the option for field programming the unit of measure, meter type, meter model, rate-of-flow time and units. Programming is performed through the IR port via a computer using the Programmer software, version 2.0.0 or greater.