HPC for Quanti-Tray

Heterotrophic plate count made easy for bottling and manufacturing plants and on-premise testing

  • Quantifies heterotrophic organisms in a 100 mL format
  • No autoclaving, filtering, or agar
  • No colony counting or interpretation



  • Convenient 100-mL sample size—test source water, transport vehicle water, manufacturing line water, and finished products.


How the HPC for Quanti-Tray test works

The HPC for Quanti-Tray test is used for the quantification of heterotrophic organisms in 100 mL of water.

The test is based on the IDEXX proprietary Multiple Enzyme Technology, which detects viable heterotrophic organisms by testing for the presence of key enzymes known to be present in these organisms. The test uses multiple enzyme substrates that produce blue fluorescence when metabolized by waterborne bacteria.

The sample/reagent mixture is added to a Quanti-Tray, incubated, and then examined for fluorescing wells. The number of fluorescing wells corresponds to a most probable number (MPN) of total heterotrophic organisms in the original sample.

The HPC for Quanti-Tray test detects organisms at 1 cfu/100 mL after 44–72 hours of incubation.



How to use



Step 1

Add reagent to sample (sample will turn pink).

Step 2

Pour into Quanti-Tray or Quanti-Tray/2000.

Step 3

Seal using a Quanti-Tray Sealer; incubate for 44 hours.

Step 4

Read under ultraviolet light; count blue fluorescent wells and refer to MPN table.