Accurate and quantifiable overnight results

  • Results in 24 hours.
  • Detect enterococci contamination in half the time of standard methods.
  • Eliminate tedious membrane filtration work: no confirmations, no transfer steps, no filtering required.
  • Developed for the European market and correlates with the EU Bathing Water Directive standard method for enterococci, ISO 7899-1.



  • No media preparation.
  • No autoclaving.
  • No colony counting.
  • No glassware cleaning.
  • Less than 1 minute of hands-on time.
  • Complete results in 24 hours.
  • Correlates with ISO Method 7899-1.
  • Sensitive to 1 enterococci/100 mL.
  • Enumerates up to 2,419 enterococci per 100 mL without dilutions (with Quanti-Tray/2000).
  • Eliminates the subjective interpretation found in traditional methods.
Cost Effective
  • Up to 12-month shelf life minimises waste.
  • 24-hour test saves incubator space.


How the Enterolert-E Test works

The Enterolert-E Test uses IDEXX’s proprietary Defined Substrate Technology (DST) nutrient indicator to detect enterococci. This nutrient indicator fluoresces when metabolised by enterococci. DST improves accuracy and avoids the need for hazardous sodium azide suppressants used in traditional media.