D-R 808



Certified and approved PM CEMS providing very high quality monitoring of very low to medium particulate concentrations in dry flue gas flows.


Key Features:

  • Certified for the range of 0-7.5 mg/m3 the lowest range achievable for a dust CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System)
  • Certified and approved dust analyzer for ensuring plant compliance with international standards for industrial emissions
  • New: ATEX & IECEx certified to operate safely in hazardous environments, minimizing the risk of ignition and explosion



  • TÜV certified to EN 15267-1:2009, EN 15267-2:2009, EN 15267-3 :2007, EN 14181 :2014
    • QAL1 as defined by EN14181
    • QAL3 compliance to EN14181
  • MCERTs certification for “Stack emissions monitoring equipment at industrial installations” – Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS)
  • ATEX (optional):
    • II 3G Ex ec nC op is IIC T4 Gc
    • II 3D Ex op is tc IIIC T100 °C Dc
  • IECEx (optional):
    • Ex ec nC op is IIC T4 Gc
    • Ex op is tc IIIC T100 °C Dc
  • US EPA capable as a PM-CEMS or PM-CPMS
  • Compliant with US EPA 40 CFR 60 PS 11


  • Advanced measurement accuracy:
    Utilizes forward scattering technology to minimize cross sensitivity to particle type and size
  • Suitable for high temperature stacks and hazardous Ex zones:
    Designed to operate effectively in extreme conditions
  • Single side installation:
    Eliminates the need for optical alignment, making it ideal for thick-walled or double-walled ducts
  • User-friendly flange: 
    Easy installation and maintenance; Simply unscrew, turn slightly, and remove the instrument from the stack/duct
  • Simplified audit process: 
    Allows for easy verification with manual filters, ensuring consistent and accurate performance checks without removing the device from the stack
  • Status-dependent indicator light on the analyzer: 
    Changes color to reflect the operational state of the analyzer, providing clear and immediate visual feedback
  • Pressure-controlled purge air system: 
    Ensures that the particulate analyzer remains safeguarded in the event of a blower or plant instrument air system failure
  • Durable construction with no moving parts in the flue gas flow: 
    Ensures long-lasting reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs:
    The robust design and minimal maintenance requirements significantly lower the overall cost of ownership and operation


Suitable for process applications and for emission compliance for plants equipped with bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, or without any filtration

    • Ideal for monitoring non-condensing / dry flue gases
    • Monitoring of dust arrestment filter plants
    • Monitoring of ventilation systems