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Teledyne Technologies Incorporated provides enabling technologies for industrial growth markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. These markets include aerospace and defense, factory automation, air and water quality environmental monitoring, electronics design and development, oceanographic research, deepwater oil and gas exploration and production, medical imaging and pharmaceutical research.

Product Range

ChlorNet Portable Chlorine Monitor

6712 Full-size Portable Sampler

MetriNet Multi-Parameter Smart Water Quality Monitor

Full-Size Portable Sampler


Velocity Sensor for Hazar​​​​​​​​​​dous Areas

​​3010 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

​​3010 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

EchoSmart Sludge Blanket Monitor

6712C Compact Portable Sampler

SiteBox Portable Monitoring & Control System

5800 Sequential/Composite Sampler

SiteBox Portable Monitoring & Control System

2110 Ultrasonic Flow Module

SiteBox Portable Monitoring & Control System

Area Velocity Module


Composite-only Portable Sampler

Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor

2151 Intrinsically Safe Area Flow Meter

Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor

Signature® Flowmeter

Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor

LaserFlow™ Area Velocity Module


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