Real-time Hydro-meteorology Data for Water,
Weather and Renewable Energy Management

Accurate forecasting and monitoring of weather, and water conditions saves lives and safeguards property, resources, and infrastructure.

Since 1975, SUTRON has supported mission-critical decisions for a range of hydrological, meteorological, oceanic, and aviation applications. Our end-to-end systems collect, measure, store, transmit, and display vital data to help organizations forecast weather, and monitor and manage water resources.

Thoughtfully designed instrumentation, software, and customized systems deliver reliable performance on every continent, in every climate, and on every ocean worldwide in the most isolated and harsh environments.

For decades, international hydrology and meteorology entities have recognized SUTRON’s industry-leading technologies. These include solutions for processing real-time cellular and satellite-based stream gage data, and analytical software for timely data-informed decision making.

SUTRON has maintained ISO 9001-2008 certification since 1999, and we continue to work with federal, state, and local governments, plus private sector industries, to help our customers solve problems, protect lives, and improve the quality of living for people all over the world.

In 2015, SUTRON became a part of Hach, and is now one of the strong global product brands that make up OTT HydroMet.


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