Water-Based Fluid Meter

The Hedland® water-based fluid meter is designed to monitor fluid flow rates of water and oil emulsions, including glycol mixtures, water-in-oil, glycerin and other various coolants.

Size Range 6…80 mm
Temperature Range -29…116 °C
Flow Range 0.1…1100 lpm
Accuracy ±2%




Hedland variable area flow meters, also referred to as rotameters, provide volumetric flow rate without the use of additional electronics. Different from rotameters, the design allows the Hedland meter to be installed in any orientation. Expansion options are available to provide a digital local display with analog output, flow switch capabilities, test kits and more. With a variety of end fittings, sizes and fluid compatibilities, Hedland flow meters are equipped to seamlessly integrate into a wide array of applications.


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