Petroleum Fluid Meter

The Inline Liquid Flow Meter is a rugged industrial-class inline flow rate indicator, offered in aluminum, brass, or stainless steel models to monitor a wide variety of liquids. Available in seven port sizes from 1/4… 3 inches for flow ranges from 0.02…0.20 gpm (0.1…0.75 lpm) through 20…300 gpm (100…1100 lpm), the meters are calibrated at 0.876 specific gravity for oil or other petroleum-based fluids, 1.0 for water or other water-based fluids, or 1.18 for phosphate ester liquids. The flow meter is equipped with a 360° rotatable guard/scale which allows the meter to be installed in any orientation
without regard to scale direction. Once the meter is permanently installed, the guard/scale can be rotated 360° to
optimize readability.
In addition, the unique spring-loaded design of this variable area flow meter decreases viscosity sensitivity and allows it to be installed in any position, including inverted, without affecting accuracy. An optional inverted scale is available for these applications.
The standard flow meter is a unidirectional device. If required, a reverse flow bypass option is available for the oil, phosphate ester, and water-based fluid models. Note that flow is measured in the forward direction only.

  • Aluminum models are offered as a rugged, low-cost flow meters for monitoring noncorrosive water-based or petroleum-based fluids under operating pressures up to 3500 psi (241 bar).
  • Brass meters are recommended for water monitoring applications or other systems where corrosion inhibitors are not present.
  • Stainless Steel is available for monitoring hydraulic systems operating at pressures up to 6000 psi (414 bar) or other corrosive caustic fluids, such as acetic acid.