Electromagnetic Flowmeter Watermaster


WaterMaster’s performance adheres to the most stringent global industry standards and is certified to key international approvals. Proven in the toughest applications, Its rugged, robust, and buriable sensors eliminate the need for expensive meter chambers. Thereby, WaterMaster flowmeters provide a long, productive, and maintenance-free asset life. Take advantage of its innovative and versatile attributes to achieve interoperability within a wide range of asset management systems.


  • OIML R49 and MID approved
  • Superior control through advanced sensor design
  • Submersible and buriable installation options
  • Improved performance through digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Intuitive navigation and configuration
  • Speed, ease, and security in the field
  • Detailed diagnostics for rapid decision making
  • Sensor size ranges: Full-bore FEV DN40 to 200 mm (11/2 to 8 in.), FEW DN10 to 2400 (3/8  to 96 in.), FEF DN250 to 600 (10 to 24 in.) / reduced-bore FER DN40 to 600 (11/2 to 24 in.)


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