Pure Air Solutions for wastewater odours.

With the SULPHUS cost-effective and highly efficient odour removal finally has a meaning. The SULPHUS series contains top-performance, high-quality and easy-to-operate bio-trickling filters featuring OdourPack®, a structured synthetic media. The Sulphus is capable of treating very high or very low concentrations and eliminates odours with removal efficiencies of  >99%. This extremely high performance is achieved without the use of expensive chemicals or large amounts of costly carbon.


Sulphus Highlights

  • Complete odour removal with its unique design and engineered media the SULPHUS reaches removal efficiencies of >99.9% on H2S and >95% on odor
  • Flexible, modular design available in different diameters and heights the SULPHUS systems can treat air flows ranging from 2,000 m3/h to 200,000 m3/h and more
  • OdourPack® MediaStructured, engineered synthetic media ensures optimal mass transfer and can handle low and high odor loadings.
  • Robust and easy-to-operate simple, minimalistic control philosophy with no pH meters, easy controls, and minimal instrumentation ensures easy operations and maintenance
  • Low operating cost minimum energy cost due to low-pressure drop and no need for hazardous, expensive chemicals or high volumes of activated carbon.
  • Long lifetime timeThe use of engineered synthetic media, GRP reactors, and stringent selection of materials allows for a lifetime of 20 years and more
  • Savings on civil worksThe lightweight, OdourPack media with large void space results in a small footprint and savings in the concrete slab.