Pure Air Solutions for wastewater odours.

To achieve the lowest possible release of odours or regulated emissions at sensitive locations we introduced the SULPHACTUS. SULPHACTUS has a two-stage treatment which combines our superior SULPHUS bio trickling filter technology with our best-in-class activated ACTUS carbon filtration system.

By creating this two-stage treatment odour emissions are reduced to the lowest possible outlet concentration, lower than any other treatment system on the market. This is key for industrial or municipal facilities located near extra sensitive residential or commercial areas where even trace odours and emissions can cause problems for neighbours


  • The best of two systems combined two stage odour treatment in a single vessel, with the first stage using biological treatment to and the second stage adsorption by activated carbon
  • Lowest possible emissionMaximum odour removal, with efficiencies of >99,99% on H2Ss and >99% odor removal
  • Modular, scalable system ranging from 500 m3/h to 200,000+ m3/h of air, SULPHUSACTUS is available in a large variety of diameters and heights depending on your specific needs
  • Modular, scalable system to smart design and engineering only a small footprint is needed, good to keep the system out of sight of the neighbors
  • Low whole life costs extremely low in operation and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the system
  • Easy to operate simple controls with minimal instrumentation