Pure Air Solutions for wastewater odors.

Our ACTUS series of (water-regenerable) carbon filters unites the best European Activated Carbon with Dutch de­sign, manufacturing and quality assurance to meet the highest international standards for eliminating odors.


Actus Highlights

  • Complete series of ACTUS FiltersRan¬ging from skid-mounted modular systems for low air flows to custom-designed systems capable of handling large air flows in excess of 20.000 m3/h.
  • As a stand-alone unitThe ACTUS is particularly useful for low air flows, low odor loads, remote locations, and for the control of specific volatile organic compounds.
  • As the polishing step after biological treatmentFor larger air flow rates or at sensitive areas the ACTUS unit is often acting as a second stage ‘polishing step’ after the SULPHUS Biotrickling unit.
  • Highest standards and specificationsThe ACTUS vessels are fully corrosion resistant and standard fabricated in a filament wound polyes¬ter fiber glass in accordance with relevant standards and specifications.
  • Factory assembled and skid mounted ACTUS vessel, loaded with media prior to shipment, and the fan is factory assembled on a skid, wired, and tested at our premises.
  • Plug and play installationAt arrival the ACTUS is ready for ‘plug and play’ installation on site. Only the utilities (electricity and air) need to be connected to start up the system.
  • Unique and valuable features like the engineered support structure for equal air distribution transport, a vessel-mounted pressure gauge to monitor the pressure drop, and a number of air sample points are some unique features.
  • Easy carbon replacement specially designed bag, with pelletized carbon inside, can be lifted via fixed lifting lugs designed to lift the load of saturated carbon. The roof of the vessel can easily be removed for the fill and re-fill of the carbon.
  • Regenerative or non-regenerative carbonIn case a regenerative carbon system is chosen a PVC-U pipe with flange (or other) connection is mounted alongside the vessel. A simple potable water pump system can be connected to regenerate the carbon.