Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

Stack Monitoring for Suspended Particulate Matter (S.P.M.) is greatly simplified and improved by the use of “CONTINUOUS EMISSION MONITORING SYSTEMS (CEMS) / STACK MONITORS / DUST MONITORS”. The Sensor of the CEMS / Stack Monitor / Dust Monitor is mounted on the stack/duct. The CEMS / Stack Monitor/ Dust Monitor is calibrated by determining the existing S.P.M. level using Thimble / Iso-Kinetic Process. The CEMS Device continuously displays the S.P.M. or Emission level in terms of mg/nm3 or any other units of measurement – in an online manner. A 4 to 20 mA DC Analog Output is also provided for recording or control purposes & integration with the Central Control Room.

The Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) / Stack Monitors/ Dust Monitors are indigenously manufactured. We manufacture models based on the internationally accepted & widely approved principles like –

  • “LIGHT SCATTERING” principle
  • “ELECTRODYNAMIC” principle
  • “TRIBOFLOW” principle

All these principles are internationally and universally approved by several environmental agencies including the USA (EPA i.e. Environment Protection Agency) and TUV Germany.

These instruments give a CONTINUOUS display in mg/nm3 of the emissions / suspended particulate matter in the stacks/ducts/chimneys that are being monitored. The instrument readings will closely match those you obtain by iso-kinetic / thimble process measurement.




  • Accurate and Reliable Readings, directly in mg/nm3 or any other units of measurement.
  • Facility to display instantaneous emissions as well as average emissions.
  • Time period for averaging emissions is user determined.
  • 4-20mA Output available for interface with Central Control Room Systems for Charting / Tabulating / Recording etc.
  • User Determined Alarm Set Points to indicate high emissions.
  • Minimal Maintenance Required.
  • No Moving Parts or Consumables.
  • Long Life of Instrument.
  • Frequent calibration / setting / alignment is not required.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Sophisticated since it is micro-processor based.
  • Low Cost and High Quality.