70 Inch Laser Light Source Equipment

Model: LLS-70

  • Adopting new laser light source technology and the latest control box design, the design is reasonable and the performance is stable.
  • High contrast, more comfortable and rich color performance, more
    immersive immersion.
  • IPX6 six-level dustproof standard.
  • Any combination, smart stitching, single screen, multi-screen,
  • Using oxidized spray paint technology, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-static, anti-pressure, and moisture-proof.
  • In line with international regulations.



  • High stability
  • Small size
  • Support AC OUT.


  • Long-life light source
  • High stability
  • High brightness
  • Low power consumption
  • Color gamut covering
  • Airtight pressurized and dustproof
  • Long-term stable brightness.