About Aaxis Nano

Aaxis Nano Technologies Private Limited, founded in the Year 2000 is the global leader in serving Science, Technology, Process Analytics, Environment Monitoring, Effluent & Emission Monitoring, Flow Management, Process Instrumentation & Automation, Laboratory Products, Hydrology, Geology, Metrology, Utility Management System and Data Acquisition & Management Software. We as an ISO 9001.2015 certified Organization are a specialized service provider to cater the requirements of various Industries like Paper, Sugar, Distillery, Cement, Steel, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers & Chemicals, Textiles, Metal & Mining, Food & Beverages, Water & Waste Water, Sewage Interceptor & Treatment, Tannery, Slaughter House, Petro-chemicals, OEMs & Contractors, Consultants, Smart City Projects, National Hydrology Project, Hydel Power, Irrigation Canal Discharge Monitoring, Water and sewage treatment plants, Ground Water and River monitoring and Government Tender Projects. We have adopted the theme of continuous improvement with a customer-focused approach. We have our offices in all major cities of India to have reach and connection with our customer and market. We partner with leading manufacturers, industrial houses, automation experts and environmental monitoring institutions to provide our customers with reliable systems and comprehensive solutions.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Our “state-of-the-art” manufacturing site at Noida is supported by excellent networking and trained Professionals to meet the global standards. Our team is specialized in execution of small as well as big projects on turnkey basis.

We provide comprehensive solution under one roof covering PLC, DCS, Electrical drives, MCC, PCC and Instrumentation. We are specialized in Automation system integration .

Our Vision
Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute in developing technology that will make future industrial & Institutional processes safer and cleaner to protect the Environment.

Mission & Values
Mission & Values

Inspiration, Innovation and Integrity are core fundamentals of our existence. These fundamentals give us direction to create value for our customers, wealth for our stakeholders & to prosperous and secure future for our employees. Our mission is to ensure the society up gradation, country development, and above all our planet security.

Quality Policy
Quality Policy

  • Quality standards of products and process.
  • EHS Compliance.
  • Training & development of our employee.
  • Adopting the policy of continual improvement.

Our Collaborator

Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has collaboration with world class manufacturers in field of Automation & Instrumentation, Environment Monitoring and Safety for targeting cleaner and safer world.

Teledyne Isco

Environment Monitoring

Instrumentation-Laboratory, Portable & Online

Hydrology, Metrology, Geology

Process Automation & Control

Water & Waste Water Management

Telemetry & Software