Industrial Oval Gear Flow Meter

The Industrial Oval Gear Meter is a modular flow meter design, economical yet highly accurate and rugged. Due to the rugged nature of this particular flow measurement technology, the industrial Oval Gear Meter can be used in a number of applications where conventional meters are not acceptable.


• High accuracy and repeatability
• Insensitive to viscosity change – Maintains accuracy
• Not affected by pulsating flows
• Can be mounted in tight pipework and any orientation
• Most industrial communications and outputs available
• Custom options available
• ATEX approval




Whether the liquid being measured is very viscous or highly corrosive, the oval gear meter can handle it. The industrial oval gear is designed for a variety of chemical applications including petroleum-based fluids, water solutions, and any other liquid compatible with the materials of construction.


  • Highest quality, made in Germany
  • Cost-effective and commercially competitive product due to the most up-to-date automated production techniques
  • Wide range of sizes, materials, displays, and component options
  • Most items ex stocked for fast delivery, and benefit from low shipping cost
  • Local support, worldwide


Fluid enters the inlet port and then passes through the metering chamber. Inside the chamber, fluid forces the internal gears to rotate before exiting through the outlet port. Each rotation of the gears displaces a specific volume of fluid. As the gears rotate, a magnet on each end of the gear passes a reed switch in the top-mounted register’s circuit board. The reed switches send pulses to the microprocessor in the register to change the LED display segments. The oval gear meter can be used in conjunction with a variety of industrial registers