Smart Water Solutions

ATi’s pioneering, intelligent, Smart Water Quality Solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the system, providing actionable knowledge, data insights and optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water.

About Smart Water

As global leaders in smart water quality monitoring, ATi developed the industry’s first, ground-breaking range of Smart Water Quality Monitors, including MetriNet, SeptiNet, SiteBox, NephNet and ChlorNet.

ATI’s pioneering, smart sensor technology offers sustainable solutions, helping to drive down complaints, improve regulatory compliance and result in pro-active management and control to safeguard water quality.

ATI is bringing the latest technology, developing intelligent, accurate, reliable, robust and cost-effective solutions that provide actionable knowledge and data insights.

Smart Sensor Technology

ATI’s smart water quality range measures up to 16 different parameters and offer a variety of features, including continuous, ultra-low-powered, bespoke, off-the-shelf, lift & shift, modular, bluetooth and zero water wastage options, driving the sustainable use of the world’s most precious resource.

A selection of our Smart Water Quality Monitoring range

Network digitalisation with MetriNet

Watch our WRAS approved MetriNet smart water quality monitoring solution coming together to deliver continuous, reliable data through its ultra low-powered, digital water quality M-Node sensors.


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Providing an intelligent and sustainable ‘source to tap’ network journey with water quality solutions for the whole water cycle process, safeguarding water quality.
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ATi’s trusted, robust and accurate water quality monitors and toxic gas detectors provide some of the largest, global food & beverage manufacturers with solutions for stringent legal compliance, production and safety standards.
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ATi’s expertise in digital and smart wastewater monitoring safeguards water quality, increases performance, maintains assets and protects the environment.
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ATi’s expertise in digital and smart wastewater monitoring safeguards water quality, increases performance, maintains assets and protects the environment.
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ATi is at the forefront of industrial gas detection and effluent measurement technology, providing tailored wastewater monitoring and gas detection solutions.
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ATi provides pioneering smart sensor solutions for the prevention and control of legionella and waterborne bacteria, helping our clients to create safe water systems and maintain legal compliance.

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