InteliBifuel Set

InteliBifuel is a complete bi-fuel technology solution specialized for oil and gas, mining, and rental applications. Providing control for the entire bi-fuel system, this solution will enable seamless diesel-gas operations, and optimize your fuel consumption and costs. This specific solution is intended for engines with an output power range from 500kW to 2.5MW.

Key Features

  • Control for high-pressure and low-pressure gas systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automatic compensation for gas quality changes
  • Extended PLC logic
  • Robust design
  • Event-based history


Providing smart control for your bi-fuel operations and variable speed applications, InteliBifuel protects your engine health and supports safe long-term engine operations. This controller enables a short time-to-market thanks to numerous predefined functions but still gives you the possibility to design your own functions at no extra cost.

The InteliBifuel offers:

  • Smart engine system control and monitoring based on various factors such as gas quality and temperature
  • Algorithm ensuring automatic compensation for gas quality changes
  • Remote monitoring using plug-in modules
  • Safe engine operations when used in combination with the InteliBifuel Denox controller, ensuring the engine avoids knocking
  • Control single-point injection for both high-pressure and low-pressure gas
  • Significant diesel savings and diesel fuel substitution leading to more environmentally sustainable operations
  • Robust design that meets the IP-69 certification requirements and can withstand operations in extreme environments
  • A broad range of predefined adjustable functions for variable speed applications, such as configurable 3D maps
  • Large built-in PLC interpreter to suit your individual needs and design-demanding applications
  • AirGate to connect to your equipment remotely, without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • Plug & play support and compatibility with ComAp’s Intellivision 5 and Intellivision 8 displays
  • Easy communication with the Engine Management System via CAN using J1939 or another communication protocol
  • Option to use ComAp’s freely available PC tools for configuration and monitoring
  • Built-in event and performance log for easy troubleshooting and warranty claim handling