InteliBifuel Mobile Set

InteliBifuel Mobile is a fully programmable solution for controlling and monitoring bi-fuel applications with variable speeds, such as mine haul trucks, frack trucks, locomotive trains, or marine propulsion engines. In combination with the InteliBifuel Denox, this solution protects your engine’s health, ensuring safe long-term operations. InteliBifuel Mobile offers a both high and low-pressure gas introduction.

Key Features

  • Control for high-pressure and low-pressure gas systems
  • Automatic compensation for gas quality changes
  • Robust design
  • Fully configurable 3D maps
  • Remote monitoring
  • Extended PLC logic
  • Event-based history


Providing smart control for your bi-fuel operations and variable speed applications, InteliBifuel Mobile protects your engine and supports safe long-term engine operations in dual fuel mode. This controller enables short time-to-market thanks to numerous predefined functions but still gives you the possibility to design your own functions at no extra cost.

The InteliBifuel Mobile offers:

  • Smart engine system control and monitoring based on various factors such as gas quality and temperature
  • Algorithm ensuring automatic compensation for gas quality changes
  • Remote monitoring using plug-in modules
  • Safe engine operations when used in combination with the InteliBifuel Denox controller, ensuring the engine avoids knocking
  • Ability to control a single-point injection for both high-pressure and low-pressure gas
  • Significant diesel savings and diesel fuel substitution leading to more environmentally sustainable operations
  • Robust design that meets the IP-69 certification requirements and can withstand operations in extreme environments
  • Broad range of predefined adjustable functions for variable speed applications, such as configurable 3D maps
  • Large built-in PLC interpreter to suit your individual needs and design-demanding applications
  • AirGate to connect to your equipment remotely, without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • Plug & play support and communication with ComAp’s Intellivision 5 display
  • Easy communication with the engine management system via CAN using J1939 or another communication protocol
  • Option to use ComAp’s freely available PC tools for configuration and monitoring
  • Built-in event & performance log for easy troubleshooting and warranty claim handling