Type 884 Extended Bonnet (14 in.) Globe Control Valve


The U.S. Type 884 extended bonnet globe control valve is available in varying lengths for 1/4 in. through 1 in. line sizes. It is specifically designed for the control of extremely cold or hot fluids and gases. In cryogenic applications, the bonnet length serves to extend the packing area, as well as allow room for insulation around the body and bonnet. The design also facilitates cold box mounting. A casing flange is available as an option if sealing to the cold box is required. Other models are available to facilitate the removal of the inner valve and seat from outside the cold box (Type CBX). In hot applications, the extended bonnet allows the standard TFE packing to be isolated from high temperatures. The factory should be consulted when the service temperature exceeds 800° F (426° C).
NOTE: In all applications, the TFE ring packing should not be used when the temperature at the packing is below –120° F (–84° C) or above 350° F (176° C).


The Type 884 valve is widely used in industrial applications, research, and process pilot plants for liquids and gases when temperatures are in the cryogenic range. The 14 in. (356 mm) bonnet normally performs well for temperatures down to – 450° F (–268° C) such as liquid C02, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Bonnet lengths up to 6 in. (1524 mm) can be supplied. Also available are extended bellows seal bonnets for applications where stem sealing is critical.




  •  Wide range of interchangeable trims
  • Choice of linear or equal percent on most trims
  • TFE chevron ring packing
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff (size “O” and larger)
  • Guided inner valve


  • Flanges
  • Shorter and longer extension lengths
  • Socket weld and butt weld ends
  • Bellows stem seal
  • Casing flange
  • Angle pattern body
  • Graphite packing
  • REK packing (Reduced Emissions)