Exact Dual Rotor Turbine Flowmeter

The Cox Exact Dual Rotor Turbine Flow Meter is the pinnacle of turbine meter technology that delivers results not attainable with single rotor designs. The Exact meter’s hydraulically coupled helical dual rotor design provides exceptional performance and many unparalleled benefits. The dual rotor design extends the flow measurement range, due to the high incidence angle on the second rotor, resulting in turndowns of 120:1 on the smallest meter to 500:1 on larger meters. This exceptional flow range allows universal viscosity curves to blend over a 60:1 turndown range. This wide flow range often eliminates the need for more costly manifold systems.

Swirl effects on the leading rotor will have an opposite effect on the trailing rotor. Therefore, by summing (or averaging) both rotors, it will virtually cancel out rotor acceleration, eliminating the need for flow straighteners. With flow straighteners, the ratio of the two rotors can be monitored to determine bearing health. Reduced friction ceramic ball bearings, combined with a unique embedded pickoff system, impervious to vibration, make the Exact Dual Rotor design ideal for onboard vehicles, flight, and critical applications.


• OEM flight and hydraulic component testing
• Precision industrial blending processes
• Engine test cells and test stands
• Precision flow monitoring
• On-board aerospace and automotive testing
• Custody transfer
• Correlation standards
• Flow Transfer Standard Master Meter
• Custom flight or industrial OEM packaging


Performance Specifications

  • Linearity: ± 0.1% of reading, with a flow processor
  • Absolute Accuracy: ± 0.10% of reading
  • Calibrator Uncertainty: ± 0.05% of reading
  • Repeatability: ± 0.02% of reading
  • Pressure Rating: 3000 psig standard (other pressures available, depending on end fitting)
  • Pressure Drop: 14 psid at max. flow rate (at 1.2 cSt)
  • Process Temperature: –150…330° F (–101…165° C) standard