IS-6000 Doppler Area Velocity Flowmeter

For open channel and partially filled pipe flow measurements, the IS-6000 flow meter measures flow velocity and level to determine the flow rate and total volume passing through. Available with a submerged pulse-Doppler sensor, the IS-6000 is a versatile meter that eliminates the need for weirs or flumes.


• Flow rate and total for open channel or partially filled pipe
• Eliminate construction and maintenance of weirs and flumes
• Eliminate recalibration based on seasonal flows
• Program remotely with a smartphone or laptop
• Upload data logs through Ethernet or WiFi


• Flow velocity profiling with multiple measurement points
• Low profile submerged sensor
• Bidirectional flow measurements
• Data logging with time/date stamp
• Meter setup using WiFi with webserver
• Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Ethernet
• Rugged, aluminum enclosure for long service life in harsh environments


• Wastewater treatment influent, in-plant, and effluent
• Industrial discharge
• Aqueduct measurement