Coliminder Standard Industrial Device

ColiMinder® CMI-02 is a standard industrial device suitable for continuous monitoring of microbiological water quality, used in applications throughout the entire water cycle.

It is a fully automated water quality measurement system that is able to measure microbiological contamination of liquid samples within 15 minutes.

ColiMinder® is measuring the microbiological contamination through the specific enzymatic activity of the respective target organism.


✓ 15 minutes time to result
✓ no sample pretreatment is needed
✓ fully automated sampling, measurements, cleaning, and calibration
✓ 2 sample intakes (more optional)
✓ activity and transmission measurements
✓ Internal data modem (data-SIM card required)
✓ remote controllable through internet connection
✓ online data visualization and automatic notification
✓ devices are calibrated to the respective scientific definition of enzymatic activities
✓ results are given in the respective scientifically defined units
✓ No hazardous waste or by-products
✓ Up to 1.000 measurements without staff intervention
✓ The ColiMinder® is able to control ISCO 6700 series auto samplers
✓ Maintenance requirements: <1 hour/year

➢ INDUSTRIAL Standard CMI-02
➢ Industrial Standard Low energy version CMI-02-LE
➢ ERU – Emergency Response Unit CMI-02-ERU
➢ Mobile (for scientific use only) CMM-02