Odor Control Unit ( OCU) – DJB Kondli, Delhi

The Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the OCU system at 45-MGD capacity STP of DJB-Kondli have been completed in Feb’2022.

An innovative, state-of–the art, completely automated PLC controlled, two-stage odor control system installed at 3-locations of the STP, comprising of biological system, followed by activated carbon adsorption unit to treat the contaminated air, equipped with continuous on-line monitoring of H2S↑ concentration both at inlet and outlet of each OCU unit, with data logging & transmission.

Plant is being operated and maintained as a part of O&M contract, awarded for a period of 5-years

Background of the Project

Kondli village in Trans-Yamuna region of Delhi is located near Uttar Pradesh border alongside Vasundhara Enclave and connected to Noida, Ghaziabad and rest of Delhi.

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) possess a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of 45 MGD capacity based on the conventional activated sludge process (i.e. with pre-treatment followed by primary, secondary and anaerobic sludge digestion process).

Hassle of the acute foul-odor problem was not only being continuously suffered by the residents of neighborhood houses, societies & residential colonies in the vicinity of the STP but, also lot of written complaints for its remedy were escalated with the Delhi Government.

DJB on behalf of Delhi Government had awarded work-order to trap the odor nuisance causing H2S↑ mainly responsible for contaminated air prevailing in the upstream sections of  the STP and treat the same to nullify the effect of foul order, by installing a innovative, maintenance-free & state-of-art Odor Control Units (OCU) along with continual on-line monitoring of H2S both at inlet and outlet of OCU.

Work Complete

  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of our Innovative 2-stage Odor Control System complete with all Instrumentation and accessories at 3-locations of existing STP plant with instrumentation and accessories.
  • Proper covering / enclosing done of total surface area ~ 1,500 m² using FRP sheets to trap the H2S↑ and connected the same using FRP ducts to pass it through the OCU system to treat the same.
  • Installed on-line H2S↑ analyzer at inlet and outlet of each OCU unit for seamless continuous monitoring with data-logging as well as transmission to central server for trend analysis, MIS etc.
  • Developed Mobile App to view H2S↑ readings of all OCU systems installed 24×7 hrs. basis.




Client :

Delhi Jal Board Kondli, Delhi

Date :

February 10, 2022

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