SUTRON Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Plastic Tipping Mechanism


SUTRON’s XLink product family offers a cost-effective Wi-Fi enabled datalogger with data transmission via IRIDIUM® or Cellular. Ideal for use with multiple digital and analog sensors supporting basic or advanced hydrologic or meteorologic monitoring applications. The product comes in two models, the 100 and 500, tailored to fit different application and budget requirements. The XLink 100 and XLink 500 carry over all the great capabilities from its predecessor family (CDMALink, HSPALink, GPRSLink, IridiumLink).



Stainless steel composition ensures extended use

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is designed to withstand harsh environments, such as areas near salt water and sandy deserts, without corrosion or instrument degradation. Each component is calculated for extended use, including the large funnel assembly that reduces evaporation and the debris filtering screen that deters contaminants from the tipping buckets.

Built for easy installation

Lightweight and compact, a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge occupies a small footprint and may be mounted to poles, towers, and cement pads. A built in level indicator and pre-drilled feet simplify the installation process.

Technical Attributes


Bucket Type0.2 mm/tip