Coliminder CMI 02 Emergency Response Unit

ColiMinder® CMI-02-ERU-Mobile (Emergency Response Unit) has the capability to measure microbiological contamination taking samples from different sources or locations while driving around.

With a ColiMinder CMI-02-LE serving as a base, the ERU is assembled on a portable rack and dedicated for mobile use or as a driving testing lab, e.g. in cars or on a boat.

It can be equipped with batteries and all necessary equipment with consumables for 1000 measurements. It can also be used in continuous monitoring settings when being equipped with different canisters.

Using an integrated multisampling unit, ColiMinder ERU can measure up to 10 water samples one after the other on the way to the next sampling site.

ColiMinder® CMI-02-ERU has an internal 4G modem and can be powered by a 12V DC car system or any DC source between 12 and 30V DC. Solar panels or power packs can be directly connected.


CMI-02-ERU provides the capability to scan contamination of different sources in a short period of time. Each sample is added to the sampling module and measured one after the other while driving from sampling site to sampling site. It can be moved without interrupting the measurement process.

Also suitable for fixed monitoring installations.
✓ 15 minutes time to result
✓ no sample pretreatment is needed
✓ fully automated sampling, measurements, cleaning, and calibration
✓ ColiMinder Low Energy is assembled on a rack with an integrated 10-fold multisampling unit and rinsing water / washing agent/waste tanks
✓ Dedicated for mobile use (in cars, on a boat …)
✓ activity and transmission measurements
✓ devices are calibrated to the respective scientific definition of enzymatic activities, results are given in the respective scientifically defined units
✓ No hazardous waste or by-products
✓ Up to 1.000 measurements without staff intervention

➢ INDUSTRIAL Standard CMI-02
➢ Industrial Standard Low energy version CMI-02-LE
➢ ERU – Emergency Response Unit CMI-02-ERU
➢ Mobile (for scientific use only) CMM-02